Dream 5/21

Whoever has ears to hear… Let them hear! This morning in a dream I was told the following: satans goal is to catch people outside of the grace of God. When a person is about to perish they are in a 48 hour period in which they can run out of grace… The enemy wars against this soul, leading them into more and more sins and abominable things God hates, that the person may be in the hands of satan. This is what I saw as a explanation: The moment a guy stepped into this portal looking thing, a plug was snatched out (as if he was disconnected from the grace of God), and immediately, literally instantly I saw a sword go towards him as to take his life. In the dream I knew that meant satan was literally waiting for this person, he was literally waiting on this moment to destroy this person… Yet I was told “even with them doing bad stuff, Satan is far worse than them” (I don’t know why this was said) .. We don’t know when we are going to leave here… But please take heed to these words and repent. Turn from your sins. Resist evil. Turn from it. Run from it. Our God is pure, righteous, holy, just, and fair… He did his part and made a way out of no way due to the wages of sin being death, now we have to do our part and truly believe. Yet our father even increases our faith on his own. Please reject the word of God no more. Learn of JESUS. Sat a standard for yourself. The bible says satan seeks around like a roaring lion seeking who he can devour. (1 Peter 5:8) & this is true. This is why satan, the prince of the world influences us to sin through music, TV, magazines, and etc., he wants to drive you as far away from God as possible… Ultimately til you are out of the grace of God and dead in your sins. Resist satan lies! Me spreading the gospel isn’t doing any harm to your soul! Yet he has caused many reject the truth, and holiness when it’s preached. God resists the proud & shows grace to the humble.. (James 4:6) If you resist his word you will be resisted. Yet if you humble yourself and learn of him & repent he will pour grace on you that you may come into the fullness of Christ. Read the bible so that you can identify holy from unholy. Godly thoughts from ungodly thoughts. A lot of the thoughts that come into our mind is from demons. Yet many can’t identify thoughts of God and thoughts of Satan because they don’t know God. They don’t know our fathers character. They don’t know our father ways… Allllllll they know is satan. That’s all they dwell in. They never pick up their bible. How can you know someone you don’t learn about? You don’t read about? Even school teaches us we must learn and study… This samething applies when it comes to learning of our father as well… They don’t talk about him in the movies, videos, music, TV shows and etc., so reading ur bible is the ONLY way to learn of God!!!


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