This is a battle for your soul!

THIS IS A BATTLE FOR YOUR SOUL… Get on the battle field now and fight!!!! Our father in heaven didn’t leave us armorless!!! Stop Bowing down to sin, which is serving satan… before you wake up in hell! The first thing my father told me when he saved me is this world is a distraction to keep you from learning of me… LOOK AROUND THE SCRIPTURES SPEAK OF OUR GENERATION… lovers of selves, braggers, homosexuals, Unthankful, unholy beings!!!! (2 Timothy 1-4) u won’t even pick up your bible and live for God because u love this DECAYING world… Satan not worried about the sinners… The sinners are caught up in distractions… The sinners are his ministers… The sinners spread/and promote his stuff better than radio advertisements… Examine urself!!!!! Now!!!! R u sinning willingly? Having sex while not married? Talking about ppl, a drunk, drug abuser? competing against ppl, lying, stealing, scamming, murdering, committing adulterey, not spending time with God, dishonoring your parents, or gay? If so you are on your way to hell unless you repent!!! Repent means to stop!!! With the power of the Holy Spirit he is able!!! (Zechariah 4:6) It is no time to play!!! No time is left!!! Choose this day!!!! Choose this day!!!! I said choose this day before u scroll down and click away… Who will u serve?!?!? Hell is forreal… Heaven is forreal… Your behavior is a reflection of ur God… But who is ur God… that defeated satan, or Jehovah?


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