Our father said be separate!

The bible says NO MANNNN that warreth entangles themselves with the cares of this world… That he may Plz him that chose him as a soldier. (2 Timothy 4:4) In other words no person that is serving God is to entangle themselves with worldly things that we may Plz God. A believer should have nothing to do with worldly sinful THINGS!!! Sinful music! Sinful TV! Sinful games! Sinful magazines and etc., doesn’t the bible say come out from the world? (2 corinthians 6:17) What has light (God) to do with dark (darkness )? satan is deceiving ppl into thinking a BELIEVER in christ can involve and entangle themselves into sinful things… God said u cant hold hands with satan!!! (1 corinthians 10:21) Our father is a jealous God!!! (Deuteronomy 6:15) Stop worshiping satan!!! He desires to kill you! He desires for your soul to be lost in hell forever! He wants you to believe his lies!!!! (John 10:10, John 8:44) The bible makes it so clear of what we are to do… Yet ppl don’t read the word of God!!! Do u not know that it’s written that satan will deceive ALMOST EVERYONE?!? (revelations 12:9, 20:8, 18:23) EVEN SOME CHILDREN OF GOD WILL FALL AWAY AND BE DECEIVED?!? (2 Thessalonians 2:3)THATS WHY THE SCRIPTURE SAYS MANY ARE CALLED AND FEW ARE CHOSEN!!! (Matthew 22:14) YES SO FEW BECAUSE SATAN IS IMPLEMENTING WICKEDNESS & SIN IN EVERY SINGLE THING & MANY ARE WITHOUT WISDOM & DONT READ THEIR BIBLE!!! Which leads to ppl falling into satans snares and lies willfully sinning against God… Which will lead to them to hell because they dont truly believe in christ (romans 6:23, Hebrews 10:26, Ephesians 4:20-22) the bible says be sober, be diligent the devil seeks around LIKE A ROARING LION seeking who he can devour. He literally is trying to deceive us!!! The bible also tells us to put on our whole armor that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil… & having done everything to stand firm… (Ephesians 6:13) A part of the armor is the word of God!!! If u aren’t reading your bible your are not prepared for this battle!!! U will lose!!! The word of God allows us to do all to stand firm… Yet not only will ppl not read their bible To stand firm.. They won’t even remove sinful communications (TV, music games, sinful environments) out of their life… Unless u repent… & begin to inquire, seek, and learn of God… U WONT STAND AT ALL… U will be deceived!!!! He said if u continue in his word u will know the truth!!! & the truth will set u free!!! Start reading the word of God!!! (John 8:31-32) seek him while u have breath!!! Stop saying tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow u may not wake up tomorrow… How many ppl have u seen here today gone tomorrow satan wants u to think u have time but u don’t UR life is a vapor!!!! U can be gone instantly!!! (James 4:4)


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