Jezebel is in the church! Jezebel is dwelling in believers! She should not be! This perverse spirit can dwell in a man or woman. That spirit is unsubmissive… “Wants their way… Even if it means sinning to get it” Its deceitful, speaks the things of God, yet teaches ppl to sin, seduces ppl to sin… Liar, deceiver… (1 kings 19, 1 kings 21) a bold sinner at that… Yet… If we read revelations 2, when this spirit is spoken of… We see that she dwelled in a person that loved, did things for ppl, BELIEVED, and had patience… YET THAT SPIRIT WORKS IN A BELIEVER AND CAUSES THEM TO DO MANY ABOMINABLE THINGS GOD HATES. Know that we must be BORN again… We can’t be double-minded… We can’t show partiality in sin… We can’t think its ok to sins we consider “small” The wages of sin is death! (Romans 6:23) We can’t serve Jehova 1 second, and choose to not serve him another… The bible says a LITTLE LEAVEN, LEAVENS THE WHOLE BACH… Just like a little yeast will puff the whole bach up while making bread… Willingly sinning will open the door to more sin, your wickedness will fill up…. Example: I started dancing, dancing lead to me dating girls, and I ended up meeting guys that talk me how to do scams… Which lead to me lying, and being deceitful… A LITTLE SIN will open the door to MORE SIN… We have to be white as snow!!!! We have to turn from the abominable things God hates! The holy spirit will do it! Examine your intentions!!! If we judge ourselves we won’t be judged!!! *God allows me to acknowledge when this evil perverse spirit is trying to work through me… That I may resist the devil! She is soooo wicked & sooooo sneaky. Her intentions to do things are always wrong!!! Just like the fast she called in the book of Kings… How you gonna call a fast just to kill a man?!? (1 kings 21:11-12) ***Yes God cares about WHY we do things!!! (Luke 11:5-8) (When walking this walk with God… Idols must be laid down, and distractions must be cast out… U must be able to hear the Holy Spirit that you may receive correction & do things accordingly to the will of God… I say this because its been many times where I was about to do things for the WRONG REASON & Immediately I would receive correction… Don’t do it for that reason… Do it because you love God!!! Or whatever correction was needed) If you read revelations… God gave her time to repent… Yet she did not repent! She did not turn from those sins!!!! She would not turn back to God…. *Know that repenting is a daily thing!!! Everyday we should be walking back to God… Walking in his ways… Turning from sins… If he reveals something to u… Pray to be obedient… Talk to him about it… Tell him how u feel… Ask for help… Those who call on his name will be saved! (Romans 10:13)


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