If we looked at the bigger picture of fornication, we would see how much our father TRULY loves us. Yet, that old serpent the devil has blinded the minds of many, causing them to run after lust, and bow down to their belly… In other words ppl are Serving themselves and not God. Ppl have made themselves god & put what they want over what God has commanded us to do… My fornication resulted in me having a baby 2 years ago… Yet God truly cares about us, avoiding fornication helps us in many ways: God doesn’t want women to be struggling raising their kids, nor does our father like seeing kids raised in a broken home… Our father doesn’t want to see his daughters without help unable to take care of their kids… Our father doesn’t like to see Fathers not in their childs life, or unable to see the child because of the unforgiving child’s mother… Our father doesn’t want to see his daughters working many jobs in order to take care of their children, nor unable to spend quality time & raise their child in a Godly manner due to having to take care of their child’s themselves… Our father doesn’t like seeing Kids raised up ashamed, and wounded because they don’t know who their father is, or sad because the father isn’t in their life… Many other things occur as a result fornication. Yet all these wounds, hurts, and pains can be eliminated by FLEEING FORNICATION. (1 Corinthians 6:18) GOD CARES ABOUT US MORE THEN WE CARE ABOUT OURSELVES… We ruin these little kids, and ourselves because of it. Ask God to help you with lust… We have to deny that tingly feeling between our legs! We must deny ungodly relationships that will drag your soul to hell before you even get there! *fornicating is sinning against yourself!!! It’s a offense to your own body!!! The devil didn’t make you do it! Fornication surely destroys your soul because of you being DISOBEDIENT TO GOD… Fornication destroys your soul in this world, and it will condemn you to hell… And that sin will lead you to many another: How many arguments, hurtful words, fights, and etc., have resulted because of fornication? Not to mention killing, due to abortions… THOU SHALL NOT KILL… GOD GIVES LIFE AND TAKES LIFE… YOU ARE NOT GOD!!! Yet If that’s your current state… JESUS is still saying come! (Matthew 11:28-30) Repent! He loves u! He died for u! Yet it’s time to turn from those sins and become one with him! Live for him, he died for you even though u have been disobedient to him all these years! He loves you so much and he STILL WANTS YOU!!! THERE IS NO GREATER LOVE, JESUS DIED FOR US WHEN WE WERE SINNERS WHEN OUR LIFE STYLE SHOWED THAT WE HATED HIM!!! (Romans 5:8) all have sinned and falled short… Yet once we know christ we don’t continue in sin, nor fornication… We are to pick up our cross and turn from those things JESUS died for… JESUS is coming!!!!! Read ur bible be baptized.


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