jesus is coming

If you get afraid, upset, or angry when ppl say “We are living in the last days… Jesus is coming, this world is about to be judged” Then you may want to examine your lifestyle & draw closer to Jesus…  This should make you happy, you should be on the edge of your seat waiting for him to come… He said love NOT the world, because it isn’t of him… (1 john 2:15-17)  I literally hate this world… Its so evil and wicked, so many stumbling blocks to lead me to sin… Yet I know God must use me to draw ppl near to him before he comes to get me…. Repent, jesus is cominggggg!!! #WOOTWOOT ^_^ ***One thing God gave me today when the enemy started casting doubts about one of my assignments is this “Can’t NOBODY shut a door that i’ve opened, nor close a door i’ve shut” If i’ve told you i will do it… I will do it!!!!” Just like Sarah’s lack of faith didn’t stop the promise of God that was given to Abraham….Likewise with us…  NOTHING will stop the promises given by God… Yet we must just go fourth… Pray for might to endure the things to come…. NOTHINGGGGG is to hard for our rockkk!!!!


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