God can indeed be “working on that persons heart drawing them near to him” but as a babe… They aren’t equipped to reject + pray against those lustful/sexual “relationship thoughts” … Therefore beware… Every person that comes into your life talking about the Lord is NOT ur husband/wife. Satan can use that person to draw you into fornication & draw ur away from God… The situation i’m in is weird… God is tugging on my child father heart again… YET, he is using me to assist him on the way… God is watching me closely during this situation… So that I don’t fall nor be deceived… He cares about us so much… But morale of the story: STAY CLOSE TO GOD WHEN WALKING WITH CHRIST &  DEALING WITH THE OPPOSITE SEX… SATAN IS VERY TRICKY… HE CAN USE THAT PERSON… HE MAY EVEN SEND PPL IN UR LIFE AS IF THEY ARE TRYING TO GET CLOSER TO GOD… THEN U GET HAPPY THINKING THATS THE ONE FOR U… FALLING INTO FORNICATION… (WHICH GOD IS NOT OF… SO HOW CAN THAT BE THE ONE FOR U IF THEY ARE OK WITH FORNICATION? THEY ARE NOT AFTER THE HEART OF GOD!!! LEAVE THEM NOW!!!!) BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! Choose THIS DAY who will you SERVE? The absence of serving God is the presence of serving Satan… REPENT! THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!!!


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