Be thankful!

Today I cooked breakfast for Neriah… (By the grace of God) I gave her food before she asked… Yet she cried for more… Her mouth was full… But she still wanted more… She was choking… Yet she wanted more… It was as if she didnt even acknowledge she had food in her mouth… It was all she saw is SOMETHING ELSE…  & God helped me to understand this is what we do to him! God blesses us with so many things we don’t even ask for! Yet we want more… & Not only do we want more… We can’t even handle what he has given us… & Not only can we NOT handle  the things given from God…  we cry, complain, and beg for more… & we don’t stop there…  We don’t even take the time to ACKNOWLEDGE what God has given us… We just want SOMETHING ELSE… Walk in the spirit (the things of God)… Make NOOOOO avenue to fulfill the lust of the flesh… BE THANKFUL FOR WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU!!! The bible says if you have food and clothes be content… Yet we have much much much much more…


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