Jesus loves you! 

When God brings something to ur attention… Plzzz take heed to it… My pastor was teaching us in bible studies to pay our debts, and ways to pay our bills… Someone even showed us how we could find all of our bills & pay them… So in my past life (when I was willingly sinning) I acquired a lot of bills from doing scams… & I had made my mind up that I wasn’t going to pay them back, even while walking with God… While my pastor taught this I Even asked my pastor what if I just simply don’t want to pay them… Do I have to write them down… To pay them? He told me daughter, pay your bills… Yet I stillllll had it made up in my mind that I wasn’t paying them… For many reasons (that don’t matter to God) : they were old, too much, God was getting me through life without them hindering me… Yet I asked God to help me start paying some but I couldn’t find the letters… Then they start coming in the mail, and I started tossing them to the side… Yet today I watched a video of someone that went to hell, and it was a portion for ppl that didn’t pay their debts!!!!  I was like WHOA!!!! That is called stealing! Only person the bible declares that is a thief is the devil! Stealing is a characteristic of the devil… (John 10:10) If u have bills pay them… I would have surely been in hell because God has made my cup run over & it’s no reason I can’t pay them back… For those who can’t because of financial reasons pray unto God & he will help u… But to willingly not pay ur debts is stealing because if u worked at a job or offered a service and someone didn’t pay you… U would feel some type of way, that person would be labeled as a scammer/thief/robber… Yet God literally bought this to my attention 3/4 times in bible studies… Many times in my conscious, answered my prayer & the bills actually came in the mail… Then allowed me to find it on a YouTube video… I rejected God about 8 times!!!! How many times does he need to tug on our heart for us to listen?!? Tomorrow isn’t promised… Many are here one day & gone the next… I’m so thankful that he kept approaching me about this.. That is definitely a spirit of heresies (accepting  anything contrary to his word) because that indeed is stealing when u don’t pay what u owe… #PraiseBreak I feel like that 3 day fast broke a chain because I was not gonna pay them back… But that video surelyyyy helped me! –this is why we need to walk VERY CLOSELY TO GOD… Although I make posts about him everyday, love him… Spread his word… Because I was willingly sinning I would have went to hell yall!!! We can’t be ok with any sins! Our God is holy! He wants to find us unrebukable! & a thief will surely be rebuked! Repent! The kingdom of God is at hand!!! Read ur bible!!!


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