Jesus is calling us to REPENT!

The bible says the things highly esteemed by men are a abomination to God… (Luke 16:15) Meaning the things people take pride in, brag about, glory in, boast about, and love are UNPLEASING, VILE, AND GREATLY DISLIKED IN THE EYES OF GOD… Those scams you learned to do, & you thought it was so sweet: IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD… THOSE 3 SUMS YOU HAD THAT YOU THOUGHT WERE SO SWEET, IS AN ABOMINATION TO GOD. Beating ppl up, “milking guys (taking all their money maliciously,” spinning ppl (standing ppl up), dogging ppl out, getting drunk, smoking a ton of blunts, having sex with a ton of girls, stripping, and etc.,  are ALL ABOMINATIONS TO THE LORD OUR GOD…. IT IS SIN… & THE WAGES OF SIN IS DEATH (Romans 6:23) … YOU ARE GLORYING IN A EVIL EVIL EVIL THING THAT WILL DELIVER YOU TO HELL UNLESS YOU REPENT… IT IS POSSIBLE TO LIVE AS GOD WANTS US TO LIVE BY THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT… READ UR BIBLE… SURRENDER TO THE WORD OF GOD… ASK GOD TO FORGIVE YOU… HE IS FAITHFUL TO CLEANSE YOU FROM ALL UNRIGHTEOUNESS… (1 john 1:9)


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