2 years ago I was read my bible… & Researching alllll the different races to see what was every race story… What have they went through and I noticed every race has had a hugeeee hardship… Yet I wanted ppl to know the truth abt God! As I cried to God in prayer I told him I want to tell your ppl the truth… I told him I am going to tell your ppl the truth… I will tell your ppl about you!!!! I went to sleep and I felt this warm/cool chill & my eyes became blurry my reaction was am I going to hell? However i heard his gentle, loving voice say “you promised me” … I thank God so much because that has sustained my faith… I know he is real. When I found out I was pregnant I became bitter… & Those words kept tugging on my heart… Because I knew that if I continued on I would surely go to hell… Because I know he is real! I know he exists! I know he is the only way to escape eternal damnation and be redeemed!!! PlzZzz seek the Lord in this hour!!!! Time has run out… I can’t even imagine what is about to take place!!! But I know this world is entering a period never before seen… This generation is about to experience things eyes have not seen… This is a spirtual battle… Satan knows the rapture is approaching he wants to deceive as many ppl as possible!!! Matthew 24:21 

For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. .. Repent JESUS is coming read ur bible… Be baptized (Mark 1:15, acts 2:38, John 8:31-32)


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