spirtual realm / super natural

Stay awayyyyyy from those new age teachings that teach energy, that tell you that you are a God within and gets you to focus on yourself, than God… Promoting false meditation and etc., only mediate on the word of God! That energy is surely nothing but work of Devils… There is surely a spiritual realm, we are spiritual beings… But it’s only one way we should enter in and that is through JESUS… You will have many super natural encounters from our savior as you walk with him… God said he would give dreams and visions in the last days (acts 2:17) Look at all the wonderful things he showed his servants in the bible… God is the same yesterday today and tomorrow… Meaning the same stuff he did with his servants in the past, he is doing now. Have you read about Those Angels he showed Ezekiel/places he took Ezekiel? (Ezekiel 1:1) visions he gave Isaiah? and things he showed Zechariah? (Zechariah 3:1-3) Or about how the Word of God came unto prophets? (Jeremiah 1:4) The Angels that visited Mary, and John the Baptist father? (Luke 1:34, 13) It’s real… The scriptures indicate it’s real… If you believe in God then believe his word… I don’t know why I am lead to write this but understand that God has allowed me to understand sin is not of him, and lying is a abomination to him… So by his grace and mercy I wouldn’t get on here saying he came to me, spoke to me, gave me dreams, visions, spiritual battles and etc., to end up in hell… The bible speaks of angels and demons throughout the bible…  These things are real… It’s a up and down to everything… You have the Godly supernatural… Then you have the demonic/ witchcraft supernatural… And if u don’t enter in through the right way JESUS those things will destroy u… That’s all they want to do is pervert, corrupt, and defile… Steal, kill, destroy… (Steal the truth from u) They want to dwell in as many ppl as possible… I encourage all to get close to God because many many lies are coming to trick ppl… Just as the spiritual battle I had the other day… They are about to pervert things… & trick ppl so they can believe lies… They want you to reject the true teachings of the word in regards to spiritual things… But they want you to accept the false spiritual teachings of new age, energy, and etc., only to drag you to hell… Repent… Jesus is coming! The kingdom of God is at hand!!!!


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