The devil is a liar!!!

Ewwww so one of satan attacks from the spiritual realm manifested into the physical realm in my life… He tried to get me to pervert the word of God yall lol… So I am praying to God to help me keep the sabbath… & Satan knowsssss how much I believe the word of God so he tried to get me to think… “Well if u believe in that scripture that say everybody esteems a day higher than another… Be persuaded in your own mind… U don’t have to keep it … (Romans 14:5) I was like WHAT?!??? No! God told me to go fourth & he gonna take care of it… Satan is so evil… He uses scriptures the wrong way… Just like he did with Jesus… Well JESUS, jump off the mountain… The word of God says the Angels gonna catch u lol… (Luke 4:9-12) #GetBehindMeSatan yet this is what many ppl do… They Use the word of God the wrong way! Maliciously! That will land u in hell… God is not to be played with… (JESUS died for all my sins so ima do this… All have fallen short so I’m do this… Stop!!! Repent!!! ) … Even if a evil thought comes into ur mind don’t submit!!! Don’t do it… Reject it! Say a scripture that condemns it! This is why we need to pray for wisdom so that we know good from evil… So our perception can be sharp… So we can really see things as God sees them… Because satan is…… GOING TO HELL!!! (That’s a inside joke lol… In one of my spiritual battles with some demons I just kept telling them yall is still going to hell 😂😂😂 so now when I see satan trying to do stuff in my life…  I be like… Yall is stillllllllll going to hell!!! Because the stuff that use to happen in my spiritual battles use to hurt my feelings I didn’t understand it… I would cry! I would wonder why they kept pulling on me… I would wonder why they kept putting their fingers where they didn’t belong… Why they kept trying to have sex with me and all the other filthy things… But see… God made the bad work out for my good!!! They thought they was gonna run me from God but yall ran me closer!!! 😁😁😁 but… Moral of this status is to pray for wisdom!!!! Stay close to God… Talk to him pray fast meditate… The enemy is looking for a way into ur life… He will come through ur family, job, relationship, anything… But I guarantee u if u stay close to God… God is gonna give u the heads up… Because last week the Holy Spirit told me my child father was getting toooo close to me and I didn’t even notice it!!! But when I read the text messages I was like this has to stop! I have to tell him to stop!!! Repent… Jesus is coming… This is the last call of the hour!!! (I was told this in a vision)


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