God is a consuming fire! 

Many say God won’t send us to hell… Ppl need to understand that God is a consuming fire… (Hebrew 12:29) That means he has a angry side… I would like to humbly submit that Satan thought the samething… He couldn’t imagine his loving creator condemning him to a lake of fire forever… But God did…  There has been times where God has dealt with my falling shorts with compassion… & some he has just been straight up with me and let me know he is not tolerating it at all!!! Those things he has let me know he isn’t tolerating at all are: 1. not confessing him to others (Matthew 10:33) 2. Conforming/accepting/considering Islam in any kind of way (Isaiah 45:5) 3. Sexual immorality (Hebrew 13:4) 4. Thinking you can willingly sin and turn around and repent… (Hebrew 10:26) All 4 of these things consisted of me getting spiritual whooppings by my dad lol… Seriously… I don’t want to ever do those things again! Doing those things literally suck the life God has given u… out of u… so plzzzzzz REPENT!!! Turn from those sins… Stop doing them! Read ur bible, fast, meditate on the word of God, talk to God…  The kingdom of God is at hand … Be baptized) mark 1:15, acts 2:38, John 8:31-32)


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