Can you be perfect?

When ppl say “nobody can be perfect… Only Jesus” they don’t have the Godly knowledge/wisdom/understanding of the power of the Holy Spirit… The bible doesn’t say nobody can be perfect, it actually states a few ppl were perfect… (Genesis 6:9, John 1:1) However the bible does declare ALL have sinned but Jesus… (Romans 3:23) Now the power of the Holy Spirit is this: We indeed can be perfect because it is literally God dwelling in us. It is literally Gods spirit dwelling in us, changing us, molding us into God liking, leading us so that we make Godly decisions and not sinful decisions. It isn’t us doing anything (Zechariah 4:6) … But God alone doing these works in us… It was impossible for us to keep the law before Jesus died & live righteously, but when Jesus died we were given the Holy Spirit, which dwells in us making us 1 with God so that we are able to live righteously… (John 16:7) What Adam and Eve did in the garden separating us from God… The death of Jesus reconciled us back to God…  (Genesis 3:24, 2 Corinthians 5:18) how? The blood from Jesus death paid for our sins… Our sins separated us from God… But Jesus blood wiped them away and now we are able to be one with God again by his Holy Spirit dwelling in us… God allows the believer to surrender to his word & He puts a perfect heart in us and allows us to turn from evil & walk after his will… (His word… We begin to apply his word to our life) With God dwelling in our midst we become born again… (John 3:5) We don’t do those sinful things we use to do… The old man is off and the new man created after righteousness and holiness is put on = PERFECT…(Ephesians 4:21-24)  & I don’t speak this out of pride… I just want you to know the power of the Holy Spirit. Every person that truly believes in Jesus is given the Holy Spirit. (Ephesians 1:13) But u must feed it with the word of God, spend time with God, pray, fast, meditate on the word of God so he may become filled… While writing this God just gave me this: we are praying for the wrong things… When I began walking with God I was told to pray for the Holy Spirit… I have even told ppl that as well… (lord forgive me) but I say we are praying for the wrong things because the Holy Spirit is freely given to the believer… But we have something’s to do to nurture the Holy Spirit: we have to read the bible, fast, meditate on the word of God… He needs to eat… Use ur free will to learn of God… God bless u all… Jesus is coming… Repent. (Pray for wisdom… That’s what teaches u good from evil… That’s what the bible will teach u that will open ur understanding… Understanding is us recognizing the importance of something once that is done hopefully the fear of the Lord comes upon u & u are OBEDIENT to the word of God). Pray for the 7 spirits of God & the fruits of the spirits… Look up those words as well (Galatians 5:22-23, Isaiah 11:2) … & this is how the last becomes first and the first becomes last (Matthew 20:16) because everything that God teaches and sows upon us we are to sow!


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