Be aware!

Beware ladies… & guys… The following breaks my heartttt: when I see a girl seeking God & then satan sends a guy to cause her to fornicate 😔 ask God to teach u the tricks of the enemy… God doesn’t honor fornication & wickedness… Flee those relationships causing u to fornicate… It is NOT of God… It is NOT ordained by God… Satan is trying to defile u and keep u enticed in sin… Time is too short, Jesus can come at anytime… U don’t want to get caught WILLINGLY sinning… Know that the moment u begin to submit to God satan is going to send many things u desire… But if u just wait on God he will do the same… (Isaiah 40:31) yet… this too happened to me last year… The moment I had my baby last yr satan sent my ex … He came telling me allllll I wanted to hear & I fell short twice by having sex & God surely repaid me… Can u imagine the mental torment I experienced thinking I was pregnant for 6 months right after I had a baby? The woman that did my ultra sound told me I was pregnant I was is mental torment for months… I was ashamed to make posts about God knowing that I had sinned and everyone would see it because I would be showing soon… I was ashamed I did not want to be a hypocrite. Yet God still strengthened me to me post anyway… It wasn’t until God got me to the point that I didn’t care what ppl would say abt me… & I would keep it & be happy… that I found out that I was not pregnant… But I say that to say WHEN U DO SOMETHING AND U KNOW IT IS SIN… God will punish u… (Jesus blood doesn’t cover those who willingly continue in sin… His blood covers those who BELIEVE & if u actually believe u will change & live for God… Hebrew 10:26) & don’t think Oh I’ll just repent right afterwards… ur is a vapor u could be gone in a second!!! Flee fornication! Flee sin! U are entangling ur soul with that person and all those they have fornicated with… (1 Samuel 18:1) I suffered many things in dreams because I willingly had sex last yr… Ur body is the temple of the living God! (1 Corinthians 6:19) Stop letting men/women come into you that are NOT ur husband/wife Do u see how much God loves u?!? He values ur body more than u do!!! (Lorddddd let it penetrate into their hearts and minds) … & u must know God makes a way to escape with every temptation that comes our way! (1 Corinthians 10:13) repent! Jesus is coming be baptized… Read ur bible! (Mark 1:15, John 8:31-32, acts 2:38)


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