God Is Roaring From Zion

By the grace of God he allowed me to go get my mega phone and go down town and spread his word yesterday… & God roared from Zion! I began crying and I didn’t even know why… And I realized it was not me… It was God… He is so so so sad that many are falling into hell… I was crying saying hell is real… & I began speaking what he showed me when he showed me hell… But I was crying… God doesn’t want us to go there… He didn’t create hell for us… He created it for satan.. And his angels… However when they had sex with humans and had babies we became heirs of Satan… We mingled with them… We became one… And because of this we became heirs of their judgement… (Hell) However we can become heirs of Christ and receive everlasting life if we just repent and believe on Jesus! Repent the kingdom of God is at hand be baptized! Read ur bible.


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