Yield to God 

Satan isn’t worried about the ppl yielding to sin & dying in their sins… Because he knows they will reap what they sow… (Galatians 6:7) (In other words what you put out is what u get in… The world calls it Karma) They wake up sinning… Live to do evil…. They will receive that upon themselves. That’s a promise from God… Then Satan throws sinners all type of distractions to keep them busy to the point they never even go after the heart of God… Nor consider him… They are just stuck with dumb idols… The dumb idols are taking up their time. (Your phone, tv, iPad, social networks, anything u put before God is a IDOL).  Sinners destroy themselves just because of the lifestyle they seek… Because they will receive what they put out… Yet, The ppl who are seeking God… Satan wars up against them… Because they are trying to put the idols away + focus on God… So he putting snares in our way, setting things in our way to lead us away from God… This is a time where we must understand the tactics of Satan… and be true warriors + prayer warriors… Because he is not going to leave us alone until he is cast into the lake of fire…


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