Do things for God!

The reason why ppl are so broken and hurt is because they are doing things to impress ppl, verses doing things for God… When you do things for ppl, you expect things, not knowing that a person cannot keep their word (james 4:14)… So when ppl don’t get the response they expected to get from doing things for that person… They become broken, and hurt… (example: u thought the sex was going to do something… U thought buying gifts was going to do something… u thought if u did that for them they would do it in return… u thought if u didnt cheat they wouldn’t cheat… u thought if u let him see ur stuff… he would give it back… & it didnt happen so now u are bitter, upset, hurt and broken) The only person who can keep their promise is GOD… (numbers 23:19)  When you do things for God, and because of the love you have towards God… it doesnt matter what ppl will say, how dumb they say u are, how they will treat u in return… Because u r doing it for God… & to top it off u will see his promises coming to past everyday in ur life.. (psalms 18:30) U will  see he is keeping his word… Ppl say so much about me… How stupid I look, how dumb I look, and sound… Because of the things God allows me to do for ppl… Yet how dumb did Jesus look to “worldly ppl” when he died for sinners? (romans 5:8) He died for ppl that hated him… & even when he was on the cross dying for ppl he told his father to forgive him… even after they had beat him, spit on him, stole the clothes off his back, and everything else… He still said FATHER FORGIVE THEM THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THEY DO…(luke 23:34)  How dumb did he look? Ppl are not loving how they should be loving, many hearts don’t line up with the ways of God… Many r being tricked by satan… Living wordly, many hearts have waxed cold… Many have too many excuses on why they can’t do things God way… & that is not the will of God… That is u yielding to how the world operates… & unless u repent… U will surely go to hell…  WE NEED TO DO THINGS FOR GOD… PPL ARE BROKEN BECAUSE THEY ARE TOO BUSY TRYING TO IMPRESS PPL & THEMSELVES… U NEED TO TRY TO IMPRESS GOD… WITHOUT HOLINESS NO MAN WILL SEE GOD… (hebrew 12:14)  A LIVING SACRIFICE UNTO GOD IS THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE… (Romans 12:2) LIVE FOR GOD… THEN HE WILL TEACH U HOW TO OFFER SACRIFICES OF PRAISE, THANKSGIVING, AND PRAYER, AND ETC., STOP LIMITING THE WORD OF GOD TO JUST BEING A BOOK HE SAID HIS COMMANDMENTS WE SHOULD LIVE IN THEM…  (ezekiel 20:11) Repent the kingdom of God is at hand… Be baptized… (mark 1:15, acts 2:38, john 8:31-32)


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