turn to Jesus now!

The other day I was thinking like man… God has so much power… I’m so happy he is so kind I couldn’t imagine if we had a horrible person for A god… But many do!!! SATAN! He hates his children soooo much! He hates them with a passion! So much that he manipulates them and puts stuff in their way on purpose so they can go to hell with him… I pray God allows this to penetrate: are u comfortable with ur child turning gay? Killing or being killed? Are u comfortable with someone hurting ur child feelings, talking abt ur child? Calling ur child names? What about someone robbing and stealing from ur child? Humiliating your child? Being mean to your child because she doesn’t meet “their standards” So why are YOU comfortable living this way? Satan is putting all this stuff in our face… & teaching us these filthy things… It’s all in our Music, tv, media, video games… & ppl do what they see… Ppl do what’s popular… But unless u read the bible for URSELF u won’t know right from wrong… (John 8:31-32, Romans 12:2) Satan isn’t gonna teach his children about ever lasting life because he has been cut off from it… So now he wants u cut it off from it… If u consider those things to be evil if done to a child, u need to understand that no matter the age a person is… It is evil doings period… Ppl get hurt so much and they just try to disconnect themselves in efforts to ease the pain… Not knowing that is leading u further into sin… Because now ur heart is turning cold and u have a “idc” attitude… & the way u treat ppl shows u don’t care… Which is contrary to God because he commanded us to love each other! (John 14:15) The might of God will give u strength to continue on no matter what a person does to u… & enable u to love them No matter what…


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