What words are you learning? 1/24

So this is what the Lord put on my heart this morning…. People are learning the WRONG WORDS… The word of God says I mediate on your WORD, your words are my delight (psalms 1:2)… The word of God cleanses us (ephesians 5:26) , if you continue in the word you will know the TRUTH.. and the truth will set you free (john 8:31-32), the word of God renews our mind (romans 12:2) ..  Yet many are LEARNING THE WRONG WORDS… You are learning lyrics to worldly music!!! You are learning words that doesn’t glorify the Lord our God…. Words that defile… You are learning SIN!!! You are learning words that promote DEATH!!!! (romans 6:23) You learn those words… and you MEDIATE ON THOSE WORDS… You rehearse them in your mind and out loud ALL DAY… You even try to do those things you learn in those songs!!! Let us not be ignorant of satans DEVICES: WORLDLY SINFUL MUSIC…(NOT TO MENTION SATAN WAS OVER MUSIC EZEKIEL 28:13) However listening to that sinful music is why you can’t grow in christ… Which is why every time you hear a particular song… It reminds you of particular situations… When u were drunk, when you got your heart broke… Got you chasing money… Lustful thoughts coming into your mind… AND YOU WATER THESE SEEDS EVERY SINGLE DAY WITH THE SAME MUSIC EVERY DAY… Stop yielding to wickedness… Cut that DEATH off… If God says no homosexual, coveter, liar, prideful, fornicator, luster, lasciviousness, strife, will enter his kingdom… WHY DO YOU THINK ITS OK TO willingly listen and “MEDITATE” ON THOSE WORDS? See what you need to be learning is THE WORD OF GOD… WHICH IS THE BREAD OF LIFE (matthew 4:4) … WHICH LIVES (john 1:1)… WHICH WILL MAKE YOU BORN AGAIN (1 peter 1:23)… WHICH WILL CHANGE UR SITUATION… WHICH WILL MANIFEST INTO YOUR LIFE… & CHANGE UR LIFE… & CUT THIS WORLDLY MUSIC OFF THAT’S CAUSING GREAT AFFLICTION TO YOUR SOUL!!! Satan knows that if you learn the word of God… You will be sooooo strong through Christ(philippians 4:13)… He wants to keep you from it and keep you in bondage… & keep u in ur sin…. BUT NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE VEIL TO BE LIFTED AND ALL EYES & EARS TO BE OPENED… AND ALL HEARTS SOFTENED… (isaiah 6:9-13) CHOOSE THIS DAY WHOM YOU WILL SERVE… KNOW THAT IF U WANT GOD… U CAN GET HIM… LEARN OF HIM… REPENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND… BE BAPTIZED… PRAY FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT… READ THE WORD OF GOD…. ASK FOR UNDERSTANDING… JESUS IS COMING! 


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