#Testimony 2 weeks ago God told me its important that we keep our assignments… The enemy is trying to trample over them… So I began praying abt carrying out all the things God has showed/told  me I will do… So yesterday, he put on my heart to carry one of them out… So I get ready & get the stuff in my car… Start my car up… & it didn’t start… (My car never does this) I was like 😳 but I’m like I’m just gonna pray… It still didn’t start I was like ok… I’m just gonna walk by faith… He will make a way, I’m still gonna finish putting this stuff in the car and put my baby in the car so we can go.. So I prayed & tried to start up the car again… And it still didn’t start… So I began praying, I asked God if it’s his will let it be done and plzzz make the car start … Then I just started praising him, by his grace I began saying alllll the scriptures that enabled his will to be done… I felt like I was putting together a math equation from all the scriptures that The Holy Spirit gave me lol… But the moment I said in “Jesus name amen,” and turned that key #BOOM it started! I was so excited and happy! I cried! It was such a bigger revelation of how all things are possible to those who believe… (Mark 9:23) And how everything obeys God… All is his… God created everything (all this stuff comes from natural things God created), if God tell something to work it’s going to work… Nothing can shut a door he has opened, nor open a door he has shut! (Isaiah 22:22) Walk by faith, not by sight! (Hebrews 10:38) It doesn’t matter what your situation looks like! We serve a God that is able! His hand is not short! He is able to do above all we can even think of asking! (Ephesians 3:20) With man it’s impossible but with God all things are possible! My trust is in God! Not a car, job, money, and etc., he alone is my protector, comforter, rock, shield, provider, and help!! I’m happy God allowed me to walk by faith verses me going back in the house defeated… As far as why the prior prayers didn’t work… Idk, all I can say is PRAY IN THE SPIRIT (use scriptures that enable it to occur) praise God! And BELIEVE. Repent… The kingdom of God is at hand!!!!


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