LUST is a lack of being content. ALL demonic spirits dwelling in ppl are offspring from fallen angels… They were not created to be satisfied from the things of this world… They were much bigger in size then us… Up to 30 feet, they dwelled in heaven… However now they are working within ppl causing them to go after everything, causing them to sin against God… Causing ppl to Lust After everything. There is no limits to the lust & things those demonic spirits will go after because our world doesn’t satisfy them… & their spirits dwell in human bodies so the only thing they do is work within ppl to destroy them because THEY CAN NEVER GO BACK TO GOD… However God gave us free will… U can continue in sin under demonic control or u can accept Jesus as your savior and be reconciled to God, and inherit eternal life. By lack of contentment with these evil spirits: Marriage doesn’t satisfy, nothing righteous/holy satisfies them nor pleases them because THEY CAN NEVER GO BACK TO GOD…  they can’t dwell in a body that’s filled with the things of God. Which is why they don’t want their dwelling place (you) returning to God… Therefore they work together using others to overwhelm you/deter those seeking God & the whole world has been placed under witchcraft so they won’t know Christ. (Revelations 18:23) But God is able to do all things (Matthew 19:26)  & his word will/has been preached to every soul…(Matthew 24:14)  &  the great forsaking has occurred therefore God will open all eyes and ears and soften all hearts that he may save many from eternal damnation… (Isaiah 6:11-12) There is no other name we can be saved by… (Acts 4:12) The bible says satan is the prince of the air … (Ephesians 2:2) This world is contaminated… We are even contaminated until we accept Jesus as our savior. When those Angels had sex with ppl they polluted and corrupted things. (Genesis 6:2-5) We became heirs of the judgement due to fallen angels Because we mingled together and produced babies… Yet the fallen angels & their off spring judgement is set for hell… We sill have a choice… Those spirits  roam this earth dwelling in ppl working to destroy them until the persons becomes filled with the things of God… Plzzzz accept Jesus as ur savior plzzzz repent… Plzzzz turn from ur sins, read ur bible… Be baptized… For references on fallen angels read the book of Enoch. (Mark 1:15, acts 2:38, John 8:31-32)


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