seek the things of God!

when you aren’t walking after the spirit (love joy peace faith long-suffering gentleness meekness godliness self control…Galatians 22-23) or after the things of God in general… Righteouness, holiness, prayer… You are naked… Because to not walk after the things of God… Means you are walking after the things of satan… (There is no in’s and outs… there is no common ground) Which means you aren’t clothed in God things… you aren’t clothed in the ways of God… Instead You are clothed in sin… You are clothed in dirty rags, You are clothed in thorns and briers…  Your tree is naked… Its shameful… BUT A BIGGER SHAME IS THIS GENERATION WE ARE IN CONSCIOUS IS DISTORTED… PPL TAKE PRIDE IN BEING NAKED… PHYSICALLY AND SPIRITUALLY… WOE TO THOSE WHO CALL EVIL GOOD… AND GOOD EVIL… (Isaiah 5:20)  UNLESS YOU REPENT… THE WRATH OF GOD WILL BE UPON YOU…. (BUT GOD IS REMOVING THE VEIL… & MANY EYES & EARS WILL BE OPENED… & MANY HEARTS WILL BE SOFTENED) Its many things God wants to show us here on earth… But our spiritual eyes are not open… Our conscious and perception has been completely distorted… We have seen evil, and perceived it as good… So now we have become spiritually blind…. Once our mind is contaminated… We view evil things and perceive it as being good… and our spiritual eyes are distorted… Today I cried out to God… Because of something that was going through my mind… & He helped me understand that it was because of the sinful lifestyle that I lived out here in this world… Just lying to ppl all day, leading them astray, setting snares for ppl to fall… A pretending, a deceiver, Using guys, getting ppl to believe evil was good… Putting so many abominations before my eyes… porn, gay porn… yuck… (this is a testimony) Mannn… The longer u are in ur sin… the more u waddle in it… The bigger ur cross gonna be… Because when walking with God u have to deny that foul life style you once lived and loved… and just because you start walking with God that doesn’t mean that stuff poofs away… Its still their… God has to mold you… He has to teach you… (& he teaches in many many ways), he has to prove you… See what your gonna do after he has taught u… He has to pull allllll that worldliness out of you… But the one thing you should know is if you seek righteousness you will be filled!!! (Matthew 5:6) He will not turn you away! His son died for this very purpose… So you WONT perish but have everlasting life!!!! (john 3:16-17) GLORY BE TO GOD ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!! Revelations 16:15 Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed is he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.


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