God makes the devices of the wicked fail!

Ever thought you had the perfect scam/hustle/plan to make some money? In other words it was nooooooo way the plan wasn’t gonna fall through… You labeled it as “guaranteed money?” But for some reason IT JUST DIDNT FALL THROUGH? YOU DIDNT MAKE WHAT YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA MAKE…. Some how… Some way… The plan fell apart??? (This has definitely happen to me before) But Its because GOD DISAPPOINTS THE DEVICES OF THE WICKED SO THEIR HANDS CANT PERFORM IT (JOB 5:12) THE DEVICES OF THE WICKED COME TO NOTHING… He makes their plans non effective…They crumble, they don’t prosper, nor manifest…   (Psalms 33:10) God is not going to reward that evil stuff… YOU BETTER HOPE THE PPL YOU ARE DEFRAUDING ARE NOT CHILDREN OF GOD!!!!! GOD DOES NOT PLAY ABOUT HIS PPL!!! HE FIGHTS AGAINST THOSE WHO FIGHTS AGAINST US. (psalm 35:1) However… By the grace of God… Real children of God gonna begggg God to forgive you! Its time to REPENT… The kingdom of God is NEAR!!!!! Jesus is coming right away!!! Be baptized… Read ur bible (Acts 2:38, mark 1:15, john 8:31-32)


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