God is sending judgement 

The other day my fridgerator wasn’t working so I put my stuff in the freezer… But then it kicked on… and all my stuff froze… My fruits froze… But I sat them on the stove I was like Im gonna eat these when they thaw out lol… But when they thawed out they were soggy… I could tell they would last a day or 2… (Its weird because the samething happen to some potatoes I left in my car a few weeks ago… They froze, once they thawed out they were soggy) However, God then revealed to me the state the country is in… Its freezing everywhere… Crops are freezing… Many crops can’t survive in freezing temperatures… Not to mention the food sanctions going on between countries…. They are refusing to accept food from each other…  A famine is approaching… But Children of God DO NOT FEAR… God always makes grace abound so that we have the things that we need… (2 corinthians 9:8) He fed Elijah during the famine (1 kings 17:1-6) … He fed the widow during the famine (1 kings 17:14) … Not to mention Jesus fed thousands of ppl on just a little food… : ) NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR OUR GOD… REJOICE WE ARE GOING HOME SOON!!!!


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