Our God is mighty!

God is helping me to understand my spiritual battles more & more… It’s basically what is happening to his ppl in the physical realm… Satan is trying to overwhelm us with situations in our life, defile our communications with sin, distract us, use ppl as hosts to spill lies into our mind hoping that we will believe it… Seduce us with sin so we can think it’s ok… But we have to keep praising God… We have to be girded in truth having a understanding of the word… So that we aren’t deceived… we have to keep pushing towards the mark which is Christ… We must praise God even when we don’t want to… We have to Beggg God for mercy and help… No matter how appealing that sin appears we have to pray To God to be obedient! And what I learned from my last spiritual attack is we have to WAIT patiently… The bible says those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength… We will mount up with wings like a eagle and soar!!! We won’t faint nor be weary!!! (Isaiah 40:31) Satan is defeated!!! He can ramp up as many attacks as he wants but as the word says… Their counsel & evil devises will come to nothing… God is with us!!! (Isaiah 8:10) No weapon formed against us will prosper… (Isaiah 54:17) God fights against those who fights against us… (Psalms 35:1) He has a hedge of protection around us, (job 1:10) he is the fire all around us (Zechariah 2:5) and her Is a strong tower… God is mighty to save!!! Jesus rose up with ALL power!!! Praises to my God!!!!!!!! We are fighting from victory!!!!


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