Visits from God (1/25, 1/24)

January 25th
It took God to come to me 5 times this week for me to realized he answered my prayer! Last week I was having a tough week and I kept saying and thinking to myself… God is coming to visit me soon… I was so happy and filled with so much faith that he we was coming to visit me lol.. And he actually came… I say that to say is all you have to do is believe… Believe in Jesus (John 3:16-17) Don’t expect anything from God unless u believe… (James 1:6-7) if doubtful thoughts come ask God to remove it everytime… It is impossible to please God without faith..(Hebrew 11:6) Even if u have a little faith that’s fine… We have to start somewhere…the bible says faith starts off as a mustard seed… Then it grows… (Like 17:6) Yield to God… Seek him… He will build ur faith in him… However know that some of the way he builds ur faith will be from you going through things… So don’t run away back into the world when things start getting tough… Just TRUST God… Let him show u his might… It will be a testimony in the end, which will build ur faith… Read the bible… Repent… The kingdom of God is at hand… Be baptized (acts 2:38, mark 1:15, John 8:31-32)

January 24th
I cant wait to get to the kingdom of God and worship God forever… The feeling he gave me today was amazing!!!! His presence is sooooooo wonderful… I was talking to him about some stuff this morning… And he told me he loves me just the way I am… I asked him to say it again and I thought to myself I want a hug and a feeling that’s unexplainable came over me… I was filled with sooooo much joy… His love engulfed me… it was amazing. Im surprised I didnt explode lol… God shows no partiality… He will visit u as well!!! He loves u soooo much…mPlz seek him with ur whole heart!!! Pray for ur life to line up with his word… Surrender all… Meditate on the word of God… We have to fill ourself up with him… And not the distractions of the world… Repent the kingdom of God is at hand… Be baptized… (Mark 1:15, acts 2:38) have faith!!!! God will complete the work he started in u!!! (Philippians 1:6) his thoughts of u are of peace (Jeremiah 29:11)


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