Jesus is the way 2/21

God is sooooo kind… He really doesn’t put stuff on us that we can’t bear… (1 Corinthians 10:13) & Satan really needs permission to do anything.. (Job 1,2,3)
This morning I was attacked by demons in the spirit realm… But my baby slept on top of me… & the first thing I thought when I was approached was really why I have my baby on top of me? … Instantly there was a shift… God stopped them & was like If u want them to stop I will make them stop… & then I told God it was ok… Some may not understand the spiritual stuff I go through… Neither do I at times… But I want ppl to know Jesus is the way! There’s no other name we can be saved by! All souls will resurrect just as Jesus was resurrected after he died… but u will enter heaven or hell & ur destination is based on how u lived here! Repent the kingdom of God is at hand be baptized read ur bible… John 8:31-32, mark 1:15, acts 2:38)


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