Know the word for yourself!

Read 2 kings 13 earlier… & it kind of blew my mind… However know that so much is contingent on u being obedient to God… However, do u know what the word of God says? Do u know what God requires ? (Romans 12:1) Do u read the word to be able to distinguish good and evil? The mouth of the lion was closed for Daniel due to obedience… (Daniel 6:22) Yet because of disobedience the lion devoured the prophet from Judah… (1 kings 13:21-23) The “old prophet” lied to the current prophet, & because he believed the lie from the prophet… & not the words of God … The lion was able to kill him… His disobedience removed him from the grace of God… We can’t believe everything somebody says… Just because they were of God 5 years ago doesn’t mean they Are today… Satan was a angel of God… (Ezekiel 28:13-14) But he isn’t anymore!!! Would u listen to satan? (Yet many do) If satan fell ppl can fall to… The bible even mentions ppl turned away even after they knew God (2 Timothy 2:17-19) yet I hope this on NO ONE… The salvation prayer doesn’t guarantee u a spot in heaven… The bible says we must endure to the end… (Matthew 24:13) we must be Obedient unto death… Just as Jesus… (Philippians 2:8) We must know the word for ourselves, and have understanding so that we are able to obey God & not fall for the lies of the enemy… (Pray for God to give u understanding + enable u to be obedient) Because if the blind lead the blind all will fall into the ditch. (Matthew 15:14) We need to be in the word of God ourselves… Before the lion (God) devours u for being disobedient… Jesus isn’t coming back as the lamb… He is coming back as the lion… God Will repay u according to how u have lived!!! (revelations 22:12) Repent the kingdom of God is at hand … Be baptized (acts 2:38, mark 1:15, John 8:31-32)


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