Abide in The vine

Make sure you keep the Holy Spirit in the loop… Ask him to help u in areas… Verses God revealing something to u & running trying to solve issues urself… U must abide in the vine or u will wither away… (John 15:4-6) It will be a painful slow journey without including the Holy Spirit… Also know that no money, car, home, furniture, jewelry, and etc., gives value… Only thing that matters is knowing God… Having wisdom… Wisdom that’s gonna save ur soul… The fear of the Lord upon u… Walking in ways… Walking with understanding of the word of God… I’ve been looking a mess these last couple days… I’ve been working on my house… My hair messed up… But I walked in the gas station happy not ashamed of my appearance because I know Lord!!!! I’ve been redeemed… My spirit is going to my father in heaven!!!


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