Glorify God!

If God took all his stuff from us… We would be outside naked… Then the grounds beneath us would cave in, because even the grounds we walk on belong to him … I wouldn’t be surprised if souls started falling to hell because even the bodies we dwell in our God’s. Give God the glory… He is the I am… He created all things… He spoke and things appeared, from his words were the heavens, and the earth, and all the things in it made… His dominion is from sea to see, he is above all kingdoms and principalities…. He is mighty, he keeps our earth in place, he waters this earth allowing us to be able to eat… He cares for us… Praise him!!!! Glorify God!!! Pray Jesus!!! God chose him to reconcile us to Him… He is worthy!!! He was obedient unto death out of love!!!! Hosanna!!!!!! He sits on the throne with our Heavenly Father!!!


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