Message To The Saints!

Message to the Saints: God is calling us to a higher level of obedience. The rapture is coming. We must be ready… We must watch, We must prepare. Before I go into detail I must say this instilled some fear in & trembling in me because WE MUST EXAMINE OURSELVES CONTINUOUSLY… THESE MESSAGES ARE LITERALLY TO US… Lets consider the message the angels are to give the churches in Revelations… 2-3) The churches represent ppl who believe in God, and the messages are to us based on where we are in our current walk with God. ) the text indicates the following: These ppl considered themselves of God… Yet as we reflect on the text… Those ppl were comfortable in some sins that could deliver them into hell… Yet many of them hateddddd the fact that ppl claim they are of God… & are not… YET, they were comfortable in some sins that could deliver themselves to hell as well…
1. Some were not loving right… They didn’t love their neighbors as they loved themselves. Nor did they love God the way they should… (Revelations 2:4)
2. Some were stumbling blocks to others (Revelations 2:14) … Causing others to sin… (I pray God allows me to explain this correctly)… Sometimes we have to do things for the sake of others… To AVOID them stumbling & being lead into temptation/sin… (& its all because we love our God) … If I know this person has a issue with gossiping… I should avoid bringing certain things up to them… If I live with my aunt, and I know my aunt wants her house clean… I should clean up so that she isn’t lead into being angry, gossip, and etc., … We don’t want to be the reason someone sins against God) Ppl watch children of God… We don’t want to cause others to stumble… or TEACH them wrong things… We shouldn’t be broadcasting sin…
4. Some ppl are Teaching the things of God, and teaching ppl to sin… THIS SHOULD NOT BE SO AT ALL… WE ARE TO SPEAK GOD WORDS ONLY… (Revelations 2:20, zechariah 8:16)
5. Some just simply have to keep seeking God because their works are not perfect before him… It also says some are not defiled (Revelations 3:2, 4)
6. Some are ready… and will be kept from the temptation from the world… They just need to be steadfast in God.. Continuously seeking God (Revelations 3:10)
7. Some are LUKE WARM… They are not “completely into God… Or completely away from God” This should not be so!! The same God that said don’t fornicate, said don’t lie…(James 2:11) WE HAVE TO BE ON FIRE FOR GOD… SEEKING HIM CONTINUOUSLY…
8. HYPOCRITES… (Revelations 2:6) They hated something, yet they did it themselves… The deed of the nicolaitanes… Now this is a deed God hates… However I am not aware of what it means yet… However I pray God reveals it to me…
However, in general… ALL THOSE WHO OVER COME THOSE THINGS & ENDURE TO THE END WILL BE SAVED… WE WILL BE ABLE TO SIT ON THE THRONE WITH JESUS (Revelations 3:21) WE WILL BE CLOTHED IN WHITE ROBES, OUR NAMES WILL NOT BE BLOTED OUT OF THE BOOK OF LIFE… OUR NAMES WILL BE CONFESSED TO OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN (REVELATIONS 3:5) WE WILL EAT FROM THE TREE OF LIFE (REVELATIONS 2:7) WE WILL BE ABLE TO EAT THE BREAD OF LIFE, AND RECEIVE A NEW NAME (REVELATIONS 2:17) HE WILL GIVE US POEWR OVER NATIONS… (REVELATIONS 2:27) & THIS IS A MESSAGE FROM OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN… THE FIRST & THE LAST… ALPHA & THE OMEGA… THE ONE WHO SPOKE & THINGS APPEARED!!! I pray that God blesses all of you spiritually, and allow you all to come into the fulness of Christ… & Allow us to endure to the end, be found worthy to escape the things to come, understand the word + apply it to our lives, spread his word… (Luke 21:36) In JESUS name! & This is what I imagined so for your name sake let it not be restrained! (Genesis 11:6)


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