Unrepentant Sin?

When walking with God… He begins to bring allllll unrepented sin to your remembrance, that you may confess them + repent… (1 john 1:9) One of the ways he did this with me last year was through dreams (However God is limited to operating in our life through dreams)… There was a time I kept having dreams that someone was trying to kill me and my brother… & I thought back on all the things that we had done together… & It was that we rode around throwing ice at ppl one summer… & this guy fell off his bike… & That we rode around snatching down ppl christmas decorations… What we laughed at … and thought was fun… could have surely landed us in hell…. WE WERE FOOLS… The bible declares a fool is a person who isn’t walking according to God will…. nor glorifying him… They are giving themselves up to sin willingly… (Romans 1:21-22) CONFESS ALL UR WICKED DEEDS TO GOD & ASK HIM TO FORGIVE U… EVEN IF U STILL THINK ITS OK ASK HIM TO HELP U HATE WHAT HE HATES AND LOVE AS HE LOVES… & to put a clean heart in you… Our thoughts and ways need to be on accord with God thoughts and ways… (Isaiah 55:8) A lot of the things we think are “funny” are not funny in the eyes of God. The bible even says STAY AWAY FROM JESTING (JOKING) BECAUSE IT IS INCONVENIENT… (Ephesians 5:4) A lot of times ppl “laugh stuff off” but walk away with insecurities… That is sin unto you! You have hurt that person… We are to LOVE our neighbors as we love ourselves.. (mark 12:31) . So speak gently unto people (Ephesians 4:29) … (JESUS IS COMING SO SO SO SOON… U DO NOT WANT TO GET LEFT BEHIND… ALL THINGS HAVE COME TO PAST… REPENT… THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND…Be baptized, read ur bible… (mark 1:15, acts 2:38, john 8:31-32) .


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