Marine Kingdom

Sometimes God gives me stuff… & Doesn’t give me the other half until monthssssss later. Satan has a kingdom under water… (By the grace of God bestowed upon me God showed a portion of it months ago… I was in a very lavish building but it was under water… As I looked out the window I realized I was under water because of all the water I saw and the huge monument I saw) … However, Those demonic spirits from that kingdom are about to be released upon this world… It is very very very wicked, and very, very powerful…. & One of the things God gave me when I asked why is it so powerful is because when God destroyed the world with water the first time…. A lot of the abominations that were created by fallen angels having sex with animals were not killed… Because they were water animals & could survive in it… Because of this they have been able to just continue on… In revelations 16:12 it says the 6th angel poured out his vial upon the Euphrates river… The river dried up so that the way of the kings of the east might be prepared… Revelations 9:14-15 says the 6th angel sounded the trumpet, and the 4 angels that were bound in the Euphrates river were loosed… & they were prepared for this very purpose: To slay a 3rd part of men… Now the thing with this is THE EUPHRATES RIVER IS ACTUALLY DRYING UP… The way is being prepared for them to be released upon this earth… Those demonic beings are about to be released… Those spirits will attach to things and kill in many ways… (One of the things that is interesting is Satan and his minions are just using ppl as hosts to carry their plans… & The world doesn’t even understand everything they are doing is in the bible… & they are headed towards destruction… And even if they tried to read it they wouldn’t understand it unless God opened their understanding…luke 24:45 ) God has given warning after warning… He is a king… He is the living God… His words must go forth to prosper… (Isaiah 55:11) All is about to come to past… Plz seek God… Lay ur idols down please… Make time for God… Spread the gospel please…. REPENT the kingdom of God is at hand!!! Be baptized… Read ur bible… Pray for God protection to be upon u… Intercede for the lost… (Mark 1:15, acts 2:38, acts 2:38)


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