Don’t think you can play God by saying “God please forgive me for fornication,” and Fornicate again and say God please forgive me from fornicating and do it again over and over and over… To repent means to TURN AWAY… U have to turn away from fornication… Deny those sins and worldly ways… (Matthew 16:24) Stop doing it… God is a deliverer…. He doesn’t want u to be delivered from something and do it again… Don’t no cancer patient get delivered from cancer and want it again… Many may say didn’t jesus die for my sins? Jesus did die for ur sins… He died to reconcile u to God ( 2 corinthians 5:18) because before him the wages of sin was death period… (Romans 6:23) Meaning if it wasn’t for him, u were not getting in the presence of God to live forever… Truly repent.. Turn from ur sins… Asking God to forgive u for ur sins… And u repenting is two different things… Asking God to forgive u is the confession of ur sins… Actually Turning away from the sin is repenting… And the bible says Faith without works is dead… (James 2:17) meaning u have to live the word of God… The kingdom of God is at hand… Stop trying to play God… Be baptized read ur bible (Mark 1:15, acts 2:38, John 8:31-32)


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