Enemy Tactics!

After a while the enemy see’s that u have made ur mind up to live for God & not the devil he tries to influence you u to sin through things, situations, or he will even try to work through a person… Just remember that the standard is CHRIST… and not ppl… Because he will try to use that same person that teaches u about God, to tell u something that is no where in the bible… U must line all things up with the WORD OF GOD…. Because we who spread the gospel are not God… Someone that I learn a lot from spoke on how when u notice a person keeps using u… U have to start telling them no… or remind them of how u gave them something and they didnt pay u back… Although they taught me many other things that was in the bible… I could not agree with that because that is not in the bible… God said he divides the attentions of the heart… How can I call somebody a user? Satan is the accuser… Not me… However a few days later here comes a person in my ear saying… Well since u don’t listen to me…and u listen to *blank* remember *blank* said that if a person keep asking u for something tell them no and remind them of when they didnt pay u back… lol… The devil is a LIAR… Just because its known that I learn much from this person, that does not mean i’m going take everything they say… I know who my God is!!! & I pray the holy spirit reminds me of ALL my God said! Repent, the kingdom of God is at hand!!!


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