Living Sacrifice!

God called us to be living sacrifices for him… Now sacrifice means to give… (and its a valuable gift) We are to give ourselves to God… However we are to give ourselves to god HOLY AND ACCEPTABLE TO HIM…(romans 12:1) Now some may ask… Why I do I have to do that? Why I can’t live how I been living? But my response is this: Don’t the things of this world exercise this same power over you? Don’t the things of this world say you must meet a certain mark, in order to get something? Don’t you have to achieve certain grades to be accepted into nursing school? Don’t you have to meet a certain standard to receive a job? Doesn’t your credit score have to be at a certain standard for certain purchases? So why wouldn’t God exercise this same authority over you as well? Its only right that God receives you this way as well. YOU MUST MEET HIS STANDARDS IN ORDER TO RECEIVED BY HIM INTO EVERLASTING LIFE… AND THE STANDARD IS LIVING AS CHRIST LIVED… HAVING FAITH… PUSHING FORWARD BE LIKE CHRIST. (John 3:16-17, matthew 16:24,) THAT IS OUR EXAMPLE… (john 13:15) GOD SAID BE HOLY BECAUSE I AM HOLY… (1 Peter 1:16) This means we can’t be comfortable in sin… He said COME OUT FROM THEM THEM… Come out of sin… Come out of babylon! (2 corinthians 6:17, revelation 18:4) He said he is going to make us above ALL PEOPLE… (deuteronomy 28:1) How can he do this if we are willingly sinning like everyone else? CHOOSE WHO YOU WILL SERVE THIS DAY!!! Would you wrap a dirty gift up and give it to someone for their birthday present??? NO… So don’t give yourself to God DIRTY IN SIN… You are a precious gift to him… He is sooooooo kind that he is willing to clean you up if you confess your sins!!! (zechariah 4:6, 1 john 1:9) REPENT THE KINGDOM OF GOD IS AT HAND!!! Be baptized!!! (mark 1:15, acts 2:38)


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