The bible tells us we were made in Gods image it also tells us God lives forever… (Isaiah 57:15, genesis 1:26) So know that even after your flesh dies, your soul will live forever as well… In the kingdom of God… Or in the lake of fire…. The bible speaks of two paths: the road to destruction, and the road to life… (Matthew 7:13-14) It’s didn’t name a 3rd road where u just lay down and sleep… It also says MANY enter into the wide path that leads to destruction… Examine urself!!! How are u living?!? Ppl don’t like to hear this part of the gospel… But it’s true!!! U can’t pick what u want to believe and disregard the rest… His word will not return void. Repent the kingdom of God is at hand!!! Be baptized!!! (acts 2:38, mark 1:15) (isaiah 55:11)


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