Pick Up Your Cross!

Some people really don’t know what God wants from us… And many won’t until they read the bible… But I thank God for allowing me to spread his word… Because I’m gone tell yall! Jesus said whoever wants him (everlasting life) must pick up their Cross, deny themselves… And follow him. (Matthew 16:24) Which means nothing you do matters if your not doing those things while seeking God. Seriously, to the point ur prayers are not even being heard by God because ur sinful lifestyle has separated you from him. (Isaiah 59:2) We must stop doing all the things he died for, and deny the ways of the world… If it is not of God… We must turn from all the things we love to do, if it’s sin… That’s called denying your flesh… We are called to be a living sacrifice for God… (Romans 12:2) Meaning we are to live for him, glorifying him in our life style… God is to be the glory in our midst (zechariah 2:5), there is no reason we should be comfortable in sin when he called us to be holy! (Leviticus 20:26) Pray for deliverance! Saying you believe in God, without actions is like saying your a vegetarian but all you eat is meat… It doesn’t make sense!!! When people truly believe in something, it produces actions… Faith without works is dead! (James 2:17)


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