God Is Perfect!

God don’t ask us to do NOTHING that he hasn’t done himself. A lot of ppl really need to humble them self before God… He humbled himself before you! How? The wages of sin is DEATH. (Romans 6:23) This means every lie you have told, acts of sex outside of marriage, homosexuality acts, talking about ppl, stealing, evil thoughts, getting drunk, act of idolatry (putting sports, relationships, music, tv, jobs, or anything before God) has literally earned u a reason to DIE. Those sinful acts u have done SHOULD have allowed satan to take you right out! Yet God humbled himself and resisted the devil and gave you chance after chance after chance. Now when will you humble yourself before him and serve him? Pray? Live for him? When will you deny urself and the ways of the world to be like him?!? (Matthew 16:24) He’s patiently waiting… But remember your life is a vapor, here one second… Gone the next. (James 4:14) Accept jesus as ur savior!!! (John 3:16-17, romans 10:9)


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