Read Your Bible!

Plz take the time out to read the word of God for urself… In the beginning of the year I thought I was doing something by watching YouTube videos about him, however this lady said God told her something Was going to happen on a particular day but it didn’t happen… And I was like whoa I need to get to know him for myself… And I ended up having a dream where I was on a train, and I followed behind someone else and got on another the train but once I did it I knew I made The wrong decision… The bible says if the blind lead the blind ALL will fall into the ditch. Read the word of God, let the Holy Spirit lead u… I hope I help many… But imagine God leading u to verses to help u with ur situation himself? QUICKLY! U will fall deeply in Love with him! I love spreading the gospel, but I want to encourage you to open up the bible, or bible app urself… I’m not gonna be with you on judgement day… With all the lies going around u will need to know God for URSELF!

while spreading the gospel yesterday, 3 ppl said the Samething “all I have to do is treat ppl good and don’t do nothing wrong.” Thats a lie! What you need to do is read your bible, or you will conform to the world showing partiality with sin accepting some and rejecting others! He said not by power, nor might, but by his spirit only! (Zechariah 4:6) Example: well I ain’t killing nobody, or raping nobody. I just get drunk, lie, and have sex. The word says the wages of SIN is death, not the wages of SOME sins is death. (Romans 6:23) We must hate it because of who sinned from the beginning, the devil (1 John 3:8)… Ppl so quick to say “if my friend don’t like her I don’t like her” well God wayyyyyy greater than your friend, so what will you cut off for him?!? Stop agreeing with the enemy, or you will get the same rewards as him: the lake of fire! Repent… The kingdom of God is at hand! Be baptized! (Mark 1:15, acts 2:38)


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