Read Your Bible!

Better read ur bible.. Jesus kept telling ppl and those Pharisees “have ye not read… Have ye not read…” (Matthew 19:4, matthew 21:16, luke 6:3… Tons more) That’s the problem, ppl assuming what God will is & they have NOT read… He isn’t hiding his will from u… His son died for this very reason…. So you WONT perish! (John 3:16-17) turn away from those distractions and read the word of God!

Ppl ask me why I live how I live, why am I so into God, come back on the scene… And etc., first… The scene im on is the only scene that will last for ever… I love living for God… I feel so free… What’s the point doing all that worldly stuff to end up in hell? To lose my whole soul? For a few hehe’s, haha’s?!? That’s not no fun… Why am I so into God?!?!? Because he loved me when I didn’t love myself, made a way out of no way for me, his son died for me, he answers all my prayers, protects me, never lied to me… Ummm I can go on and on… Not to mention he is the creator of all things… When you love somebody you just wanna do everything for them, how they want it done… And When they want it done! My pastor said today that ppl is working and striving for houses, clothes, cars, and etc., and it’s true… really… Is that all you want?!? That’s it?!? Clothes, cars, shoes, houses?!? That’s nothing for God to give… But u gonna lose ur soul because u wanna spend time chasing things, and not spend time with God?!?!? Have u not read that if u seek God first ALL things will be added unto you?!?!? Ohh… U don’t wanna wait? U impatient? Have u not read that those that WAIT on the lord will renew their strength? Those that WAIT on the Lord will see his promises come to pass… God is not no genie in the bottle God… Don’t think u gonna say “God forgive me today” and a car pops up tomorrow… He wants to change how u think so when u get those things u know what to do with it…


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