Losing Friends?

Walking with God you will lose friends… And even family… But look at it like this: On the free way when you Do the speed limit, cars go around you… Speeding and jumping in front of you… Sometimes they even give u the evil eye… However you continue to do the speed limit. Like wise with walking with God… You do what’s right by God and let them go on… And break the laws… Don’t speed up to keep up with them and sin against God getting drunk, fornicating, gossiping, lying and etc., You don’t even have to leave ur family/friends & cut them off Because they will leave u just as the car goes around the person doing the speed limit.

It’s time to establish righteousness and speak what thus says the Lord… When foolishness is spoken to me I will speak what thus says the Lord. I will not sit back & let these demonic spirits creep upon the temple of the most high! We have to keep our garments clean!!!


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