Don’t be deceived!

Watch who you hang with, and what you let into your spirit (rather its songs, TV shows, movies, games & etc.,) I pray God Holy Spirit is with you… As the word says… How can 2 walk together, except they agree??? (Amos 3:3) which is why I’m not comfortable watching 🙈certain shows & listening 🙉to certain music… It glorifies things that are against my God, So I am not fine with listening to it…

1 Corinthians 15: 33 Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

Know the word for urself… These demons are possessing ppl spreading all these lies, planting seeds of things that are AGAINST the word of God into the minds of many. How will you be able to stand on the word, if you don’t know the word??? What’s guarding ur mind when satan uses ppl as hosts to speak lies to u? These seeds being planted are causing ppl to believe lies… The spirit of the anti-Christ is here, and has been here… And stop taking what you want to take from the word of God… And disregarding everything else… That form of Godliness will land you in hell.

God sends ppl into your life… And so does satan… It’s either to draw u to God… Or to draw u Away from God… On another note watch what you say abt the Lord servants… He will repay u… The Samethings u are saying abt them and wanting to happen to them will come upon you.


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