Come Forth!

As I sang to God he gave me understanding on my dream a few nights ago: I was at a gas station and some ppl I was with had beat up a guy, and I was crying because I didn’t want to leave with them, but I didn’t know what to do.., I Got on my knees and prayed and I saw a tree branch with two branches coming out of the left side and the right side. The right branch was removed, and the left branch was removed… And the middle branch was pulled forward, and curved around to face the opposite direction. This speaks on REPENTANCE. We have to turn from are wicked ways ↩️ It’s time to remove those thorns and briers that aren’t bearing fruit! Remove those branches that aren’t glorifying God. Those branches are fornication, lying, gossiping, adultery, hatred, pride, arrogance, homosexuality, and all unrighteousness… The bible says the tree that doesn’t bear fruit will be cast into fire. (Matthew 7:19) It’s time to remove those branches from your tree… Or the whole tree will burn… But the only way this will be done is by watering your tree with the word of God. (John 17:17 he said sacntify them in thy truth… Thy word is the truth… Sanctify means to make holy… U are made holy by abiding in the word of God) Just like you have to feed your stomach everyday, you have to feed your spirit with the word of God everyday… (Matthew 4:4) To survive, and to grow… We are spirit beings, God is a spirit and he made us in the image of him. (John 4:24, genesis 1:26) If you don’t water yourself with the word you will lose your soul… Turn from your wicked ways people, ↩️and honor God with your heart… What are you doing for God who died for you? How can you say you love him but you disobey him and you are fine with it? Repent means to turn away from your sins… Remove those empty branches!! Come forth!!!


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