Praise God!

In the biblical days they worshipped idols. Fake Gods. Gods of agriculture (to make crops grow) rain gods (for water and crops to grow), moon Gods, sun Gods, and etc., they worshipped things because they felt it had power to make things happen… they felt it gave value… they praised and worshipped the created… And not the creator… but as I reflected only my past life I discovered we are no different today! We let the stuff give us value… We get praised for the stuff & don’t even acknowledge the most high. Expensive cars, shoes clothes, jewelry, and weave give ppl value. Money, and Jobs give ppl value. Ppl even allow their health and bodies to give them value… Ppl walk around bragging on this stuff, & depending on it.. Like it’s making stuff happens them… All u r doing is creating mini gods and idols… Which God condemns . What abt the most high God? He the one gave u the $ to be able to buy those clothes, shoes, and weave… He is the reason u r healthy… But yet u take pride in the thing, and ignore the creator.. Ppl too busy bragging on the stuff, and not their God… And turn around and look at me crazy for bragging on my God!! Don’t make him take all that stuff from u & humble u in order to show u that he is GOD and that stuff that Got ur nose in the air is nothing but vainity!!! GOD takes care of u not those things… The bible says glory in God!!!! Brag on him!!!


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