Walk In God Ways!

Society is so messed up… We have rejected every single thing God has given us, and wonder why our life so messed up… Marriage is one… It amazes me to see how many ppl hate marriage, like really don’t want to get married. Or want to wait until they are 30 once they have had 50 kids and 50 baby mommas and baby daddies… Then they have no help to raise the baby… Or the guy can’t see their kid, neither can keep a job to take care of the kid, child father got a million other kids, or baby momma had a million different baby daddies. But yet you put marriage off, and open up your legs… And place yourself under many curses… Don’t u think a marriage would allow u to have help? Allow u to be able to raise ur kid, verses the tv’s, the streets, and their friends raising them while u rip and run to make $ to take care of them… stop letting satan mess up ur mind! It’s a different way of thinking that God gives that produces actions that u won’t get from this world… WISDOM. Read ur bible! If that man not trying to marry u… Why u having sex with him? If u don’t see urself marrying her… Why u having sex with her?!? God gave us dominion!!! Stop letting lust walk you to hell.


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