God Is Calling You!

God uses many things to draw ppl near to him. Ppl, trials, he even takes things ppl need to survive just so they can become dependent on him & see that he is I AM, and all things are possible through Him only… However sometimes ppl just become more evil, wicked, and independent… Never fully acknowledging God nor turning to God When God is trying to draw them near… (Amos 4:6-12) Just think how in our financial crises we turn to scams, quick money schemes, stealing, (sinning) to make ends meet when instead we should Humble ourselves before him & pray & ask 4 help… This will build ur faith when you see ur prayers manifest & u will begin to know that God will always make a way… U will never want to walk dwn another path… U don’t get those benefits of ur prayers always being answered when walking down the wide road that leads to destruction. (1 John 3:22, John 9:31, Matthew 7:31)


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