Let God Build Your Faith!

When you are walking with God you will have many trials but it’s all so God can get the Glory and you can see that he is I AM. He has to build your faith (James 1:2-4) So you can step out on the water like Peter did (Matthew 14: 25-29)On Wednesday my pastor said that some ppl think God is a genie in a bottle God… Tht soon as someone repents he just goes “POOF” & starts giving stuff, which is not true… It’s a process… If God gave u half of the stuff you asked for you would probably turn ur back on him… & forget what he did. When I was dying in my sins I did the same thing, prayed and begged God for a job… Once I got it I didn’t do anything I said I would do if he gave it to me… Thank God he bought this to my remembrance & allowed me to keep my end of the deal a few months ago, however he answered my prayer in 2011.


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